Olomouc region Card – Frequently Asked Questions

Here you will find all the questions and answers regarding the Olomouc region Card,
all inclusive cards for your holiday in Olomouc, Central Moravia and the Jeseníky Mountains.

Prices are listed directly on the homepage www.olomoucregioncard.cz.

You can purchase the card from any of our sales partners, a list of which can be found here or online.

Please note that not all vendors sell all types of cards. Some vendors sell only the plastic (physical) Olomouc region Card, some sell only the digital (virtual) ORC Card, but there are also vendors who sell both types. You can find everything in the Points of Sale section.

You can buy two types of Cards in our tourist system:

  • A 48-hour Card, which is intended for those who only have a weekend to visit our region. The validity of the Card is deliberately in hours and not in days. You can start using the 48-hour Card on Friday afternoon and it will expire on Sunday afternoon, i.e. after 48 hours.
  • The 5-day Card is designed for those who want to get to know our region better and decide to spend their week-long holiday with us.

For each type of Card, we distinguish two categories according to age:

  • a children’s Card for children from 0 to 14 years of age, i.e. under 15 years of age; the child must still be 14 at one of the acceptance points at the time the Card is redeemed; and
  • an adult Card for those15 years of age and older.

Our system cannot distinguish any other age, study or social groups.
Thank you for understanding.

When you purchase a digital Card, the wait is minimal. Immediately after the Card(s) is/are paid for, an email is generated that goes directly to the email address you have provided, along with the Card(s) visuals and other necessary information.

So please be sure to enter the correct email address when purchasing Cards.

Yes, you can purchase up to six Cards at a time. After completing your purchase, you will receive an email with links to the already personalised Olomouc region Card. You can then pass these on to your family and friends.

No, each Olomouc region Card is issued in the name and year of birth of its holder and is therefore non-transferable.

You don’t need the app to buy a digital Card.

The Olomouc region Card application is intended for all users who own smart mobile phones (not push-button phones) with the Android operating system (you can find it on your mobile phone in the links in Google Play) and iOS (App Store). However, it is primarily used to display your Card at the point of acceptance.

It was created for those who do not want to carry a physical plastic or paper Olomouc region Card and prefer to use their smartphone.

After installation, simply enter the valid alphanumeric code of the Olomouc region Card tourist Card that you purchased from one of the vendors or on the internet and the application will generate a barcode for verifying your identity with partners of the Olomouc region Card system.

Yes. If you have an Olomouc region Card, entry or service is really free with our partners.

Please note – at some attractions only the main tour is free, for example. The others must be paid for by the tourist.

The system also includes a number of additional acceptance points, e.g. water parks, restaurants, hotels, etc., which do not offer free entry. Here, they only provide a discount on the given service. Everything is marked in our printed guide and on our website.

Before entering a participating attraction or taking advantage of any discount, you must present your valid ORC at the ticket office. An authorised employee checks your Card by scanning it into the electronic system and accepts your free admission or discount.

No! If an entrance or service is free, it can only be used once on each Olomouc region Card. However, the number of uses is unlimited for attractions that offer discounted entrance.

No, this is not necessary for the digital or physical Olomouc region Card. The Card is valid for 48 hours or five days from the first use at a point of acceptance.

The validity of the Card begins automatically upon the first use at a point of acceptance.

The validity of the 48-hour Card is deliberately in hours and not in days.
Example: You can start using the 48-hour Card on Friday afternoon and it will expire on Sunday afternoon, i.e. after 48 hours.

The validity of the 5-day Card is determined by the date.
Therefore, when you start using the Card in the afternoon of the first day, you are actually losing a half day of use.
Example: If you start using the 5-day Olomouc region Card on Monday (at any hour and minute), it will always expire on Friday at 23:59, i.e. after five consecutive days.

Yes, the digital Card can be used as soon as it arrives in your inbox. Validity starts automatically upon first use.

Please bear in mind that the opening times of attractions and all our other partners are subject to change. Many landmarks are open only during “tourist season”, which typically runs from April to October. In principle, it is also prudent to expect limited operation in the first and last months of the season (i.e. May and October).

It is also good to note that many landmarks observe Monday as a non-visiting day and are therefore closed! Before visiting, please check the current conditions and, where applicable, safety and health measures either on our website or directly with the relevant operators. Thank you for understanding!

Every adult who purchases a Card from one of our brick-and-mortar vendors receives a printed, 100-page Olomouc region Card guide.

If you purchase a digital Card, you will receive a link in your email to download this guide as a PDF file. The PDF guide can also be downloaded directly from our website here. You can also request this printed guide from one of our brick-and-mortar vendors.

The digital Card cannot be lost. You can always find it again in your email inbox.

In the event of the loss or theft of the physical Olomouc region Card, we regret that we cannot accept any liability and there is no entitlement to a replacement Card or the reimbursement of costs.

In exceptional situations, please contact the project administrator, who will do their best to be of assistance. They will block the lost Card and issue you a new Card for a handling fee, but you must visit them in person at the address in Olomouc and show a valid ID.

No. Therefore, make sure your smartphone battery is sufficiently charged.

Yes, but only while the Card is valid,  i.e., within 48 hours or five days. But why would you want to miss out on exciting experiences?

Yes,  unless otherwise stated  on the homepage of our website www.olomoucregioncard.cz

As a rule, the Olomouc region Card has unlimited validity until its activation (first use at one of the points of acceptance).

In general, the Olomouc region Card does not exist for animals. Therefore, it is not possible to claim entry with an animal on a specific Olomouc region Card. However, please check these options directly with our points of acceptance before visiting the attraction. It depends solely on their decision, specific conditions and also on the size of the dog.

Yes. In the city of Olomouc, the Card serves as a ticket and you ride for free in zone 71 on the buses and trams of the Olomouc City Transport Company for the duration of the Card’s validity. In the town of Jeseník you can also ride for free on the line of the Regional Integrated Transport System running between the town centre and Priessnitz Spa. You can also use the Lázeňáček spa excursion train for transport to the Priessnitz Spa with a valid Olomouc region Card. Furthermore, our partner Atlant Taxi Olomouc offers a 10% discount on the use of its services.

That isn’t necessary. The Olomouc region Card serves as a time ticket in public transport in Olomouc, BUT only for the duration of the Card’s validity! You don’t have to scan the Card anywhere and in most cases you don’t need to show it to anyone.

The Card can only be randomly checked by a bus or tram driver during night hours or by a ticket inspector of the Olomouc City Transport Company, who will show you their badge and personal document as an authorised employee.

Unfortunately, there is no legal right to compensation in the event of illness or injury. Thank you for understanding!