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Welcome on the websites of OLOMOUC region CARD!

Welcome to the Olomouc Region!

Olomouc region Card is a tourist card entitling you to visit 90 points of interest – castles, chateaux, museums, zoos, etc. - in Olomouc, Central Moravia, and the Jeseníky Mountains free of charge. In addition, attractive discounts apply in 80 places. The brochure you are download in PDF from our website will help you orientate yourselves with the card, you will find here clearly organized lists, tips for trips, and also contacts and useful info about individual places which offer free admission or discounts to card holders (in following order: Olomouc, Central Moravia, Jeseníky).

In 2020, the Olomouc Region Card system will be digitalized to improve convenience and bring more benefi ts for users.

The card is valid until 31. December 2020. After this date, the card cannot be used, returned or exchanged.

Important: On Mondays, the majority of sights and monuments are closed.


  • In the context of public transport in Olomouc (DPMO) are for the cardholder Olomouc region Card FREE all lines No. 1-111, owned transport company of the city of Olomouc. This is a tram and bus lines that serve not only the entire inner zone of the city, but are passing into some surrounding municipalities (eg Samotišky or Svatý Kopeček).