Vlastivědné muzeum Jeseník
Culture and History / Museum of Jeseníky region - “Witch Trials” Exhibit

The water fortress in Jeseník, the oldest surviving historical monument in the town, is home to the Museum of the History of the Jeseníky Region. The permanent exhibition located in the adapted cellars of the Water Fortress presents the history of an extensive witch hunt that took place in the Jesenice region in the years 1622–1695. Unfortunately, we must look for the causes that have led hundreds of innocent people from this region to their deaths in more interdependent aspects. At the time of the exhibition, the Thirty Years' War was raging in Europe, bringing with it destroyed villages, abused and murdered inhabitants, famine and epidemics. 

Opening hours

Tu–Su 9.00 am – 5.00 pm

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