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Priessnitzovy lázně
Sport and nature / Priessnitz Health Spa - Disc golf

The objective of disc golf is to throw a disc from the given tee (starting point) into the hole (basket). The course is the Vincenz Priessnitz Park with many natural obstacles. Each hole is accompanied by a question about our spa. For their answers, children receive a gift at the Spa Information Centre, where you can also borrow the discs.


Opening hours

Mon–Fri 9–12am, 1-4pm
Mon–Sun 10–12am, 1-5pm
Mon–Fri 9–12am, 1-4pm

Contact Priessnitzovy léčebné lázně a.s., Priessnitzova 12/299, 790 03 Jeseník
+420 584 491 470
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