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Horské lázně Karlova Studánka
Aqua,wellness & SPA / Karlova Studánka Mountain Spa

The Karlova Studánka Mountain Spa is located in the picturesque Jeseniky Mountains, with the cleanest air in Central Europe and a unique architectural style with a mountain character. You can spend an active holiday there, or enjoy the relaxation provided by Karlova Studánka. Recreational and wellness stays for two, with family or friends. Use of the pool complex with whirlpool and meals in the year-round Summer Spa Restaurant. We provide the Olomouc Region Card with a 10% discount on accommodation, including breakfast, from the price listed in the price list for 2022. 

Opening hours

Reception in the Libuše spa building.
24 hour operation.

Contact Horské lázně Karlova Studánka, 793 24 Karlova Studánka č. p. 6
+420 554 798 111
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