Vlastivědné muzeum Olomouc
Culture and History / Čechy pod Kosířem Chateau - Route "C"

The classicist château with a park, one of the most valuable in the Czech Republic, is connected with the Silva-Tarouca family and the painter Josef Mánes. With the ORC card, you can enter the exhibition inside the château, the Zdeněk and Jan Svěrák Film Museum and the Historical Bicycles exhibit from the collections of the Museum of History in Olomouc free of charge.

Route C - Tour of the exhibition focused on the work of the father and son of Svěrák (films: Elementary School, Kolja, Dark Blue World, Returnable Bottles, Kuky se vrací, Three Brothers, Po stubi barefoot). Guided tour. Tour time about 45 minutes.

Opening hours

IV., X.
only weekends and public holidays
9am - 4pm

V., VI., IX.
Tue – Sun, public holidays
9am - 5pm

Mon – Sun, public holidays
9am - 5pm

Contact Zámek Čechy pod Kosířem, Mánesova 1, 798 58 Čechy pod Kosířem
+420 722 928 494
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