Výstaviště Flora Olomouc
Sport and nature / Botanical Garden and a Rosarium, Olomouc

Located to the southeast of the historic centre of the city, the Botanical Gardens and Rose Garden are bordered by the Bezruč Gardens and a branch of the Morava River. The grounds in front of the town walls off er 8 hectares of interesting landscape with innumerable recesses where visitors can admire the beauty of nature, play games, or simply sit in the grass.

Opening hours

Open all week
9 am-6 pm
VI.-VIII. 9 am-7 pm
IX. 9 am-6 pm
X. 9 am-5 pm

Contact Výstaviště Flora – Bezručovy sady, Wolkerova 37/17, 779 00 Olomouc
+420 585 225 566
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