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Dear users and supporters Olomouc region Card. We have prepared for you next season again. Already you can download from our site a new brochure-travelguide in PDF. Its printed version is already on its way to the printer. Also we updating the informations on sites, everything is done at runtime system, so we ask for your patience and indulgence. Thank you and we wish all a pretty successful season. ORC team ... more

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What Is The Olomouc region Card?

And What Will It Do For Me?

Exclusive benefits of the Olomouc region Card include:

  • Entry to your choice of 50 charging tourist attractions in Olomouc
  • A FREE guidebook full of need to know information
  • 195 additional deals, discounts & freebies in Olomouc region
  • FREE travel in Olomouc public transportation (transport lines Nr. 1-111)

Olomouc region Card WILL Save You Money
Go sightseeing with a Olomouc region Card, however, and you could save loads - even if you only visit one attraction per day!

For the full list of attractions included on the Olomouc region Card click to the menu "Attractions" 

The Olomouc region Card provides you with entries to Attractions for 48 hours, or for five days as purchased, up to the below full public entry values:

48 hours 240 CZK 120 CZK
5 Days 480 CZK 240 CZK


Olomouc region Card WILL Save You Time
With the handy Olomouc region Card guidebook you know how to get to each attraction, when it's open and where it is on the map - so there'll be no wasted time trying to plan your day.

Olomouc region Card WILL Save You Hassle
Since you won't need cash to visit the Olomouc region Card attractions, you won't have to hunt down cash machines during your day out nor worry about exchange rates.

No more trying to work out how much you've spent on sightseeing each day of your trip - once you've bought your Olomouc region Card, you're paid up.

Olomouc region Card WILL Save You Stress
Olomouc's transport system is not so small, is busy and sometimes quite intimidating to the unacquainted visitor. That's why we've created the optional inclusion of Olomouc region Card with travel - not only is all your travel within Olomouc zones paid for, but you're also spared the stress of working out what ticket you need and how much to pay for it.

Olomouc region Card WILL Earn You Extras
If these great Olomouc region benefits aren't enough to convince you, how about another 190 or so benefits thrown in on top? Simply flash your Olomouc region Card at selected restaurants, bars, theatres, shops and activities around Olomouc region and you will be treated to exclusive deals, discounts and even free stuff.


What are you waiting for now? Get your Olomouc region Card and embark on the trip of a lifetime.